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Corona Virus Temporary Employer/Employee relief Scheme (TERS)

The Unemployment Insurance Commissioner has developed a Corona Virus Temporary Employer/Employee relief Scheme (TERS) to contribute to the containment of the Corona Virus and its impact. Access to this fund will assist in the payroll obligations of an entity. 

Should you require assistance with an application, please feel free to contact Thirusha on 072 028 2046 or email thirusha@controlpro.works

We send you and your families our best wishes during this difficult time.

Our Services

This is what we can offer you and your business

We provide services to both new and established businesses whether micro, small or medium. From initial business setup, including company registration and implementation of controls to protect against theft and fraud, to annual financial statements and taxes, we have solutions for most business challenges.


Accounting services range from basic bookkeeping to the compilation of financial statements for small to medium size businesses and we will work out the perfect package to suit your unique business needs. Some businesses are required by laws governing the entity type to prepare annual financial statements. Others may have no legal requirement for financial statements, but may still need to prepare financial statements for the purposes of satisfying financial institutions, SARS, etc. Whether your need is for monthly bookkeeping, quarterly budget meetings or annual financial statements we are able to meet every need with professionalism and excellence. Our accounting services include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services.
  • Budgets and forecasting.
  • Management reporting.
  • Annual financial statements.
  • Submission of tax and other returns linked to the accounting function.
Accounting Software

Simple and Secure Online Accounting Software – The freedom to run your business anywhere (including your phone), anytime.

Sage, the leader in accounting.

Easy to use accounting software at a reasonable cost – contact us for more information and personalised training.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Brochure


Payroll processing inside your business is a time-consuming process. Keeping abreast of benefit deductions, garnishees, new hires and terminations, paid and unpaid leave as well as SARS and other regulatory changes can be frustrating tasks. Outsourcing your payroll to us gives you peace of mind that it will be taken care of by professionals – accurately, fully compliant and on time. Every time. Our services include:

  • Issuing of payslips (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • Submission of Employee Tax returns (EMP201s, UI19)
  • Tax certificates (IRP5s/ IT3(a)s and Employer Reconciliations (EMP501)
  • Payroll reporting

Compliance is key! We offer taxation services to businesses and individuals which include:

  • VAT and Income Tax registration
  • Calculation and submission of VAT, Provisional Income Tax and/or Income Tax returns
  • Tax clearance certificates
Business Registrations and Amendments

Starting a business is a big decision. A decision that requires an excellent foundation to set the path for success. We offer great advice to get you started in the right business  structure taking into account legalities and tax implications, applicable to your business, from the word go. We also offer:

  • Company registrations
  • Appointments, resignations, removals of directors/ office bearers
  • Allotment, issue and transfer of shares

Knowledge is power! Training workshops and seminars are held on a variety of topics and we are always open to suggestions. We seek to provide training that is relevant, practical and easy to implement. Some of the topics for which we provide training are:

  • Business Management for start-ups
  • Reading and Interpreting Annual Financial Statements
  • Know your numbers (Ratios and interpretations business owners need to know and keep track off to make critical decisions)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sageone Online Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

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Business Doctor

HELP!! Something’s just not right!! As a business owner, you know when something is amiss. You doing all the right things but the bottom line is saying otherwise… With over 16 years’ experience and our holistic approach to business regarding operations, finance, accounting, business, risk, audit and controls we are perfectly suited to provide you with an assessment of your company’s health from various aspects. Not only that, we will offer solutions for improvement and assist in the monitoring and evaluation thereof as we partner with you to nurse your company back to health.


We specialise in internal auditing and risk management in the public and private sectors. However, we also offer forensic and special purpose audits.

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation’s operations. Our methods depend largely on the needs of our clients and our target is always to achieve optimum performance from all operations within an organisation. We perform the audits with an in-depth understanding of the business culture, systems, and processes, the internal audit activity provides assurance that internal controls in place are adequate to mitigate the risks, governance processes are effective and efficient, and organizational goals and objectives are met.

Evaluating emerging technologies. Analyzing opportunities. Examining global issues. Assessing risks, controls, ethics, quality, economy, and efficiency. Assuring that controls in place are adequate to mitigate the risks. Communicating information and opinions with clarity and accuracy. Such diversity gives internal auditors a broad perspective on the organization. And that, in turn, makes internal auditors a valuable resource to executive management and boards of directors in accomplishing overall goals and objectives, as well as in strengthening internal controls and organizational governance.

About Us

Years of experience mixed with a passion for business development

ControlPro (Pty) Ltd was created when the Director, Thirusha Govender (CIA, CRMA) merged her passion for business development with an extensive 17 years’ experience and expertise in the business, finance and internal audit fields. Her experience includes the private and public sectors in various industries and environments.

At ControlPro, we are passionate about developing businesses from the inside out to ensure sustainability and growth. We believe that the organisational structure (being admin and finance) is the core of any business. A lack of financial expertise, especially when establishing a business, has led to the failure of many businesses which were otherwise completely viable. We seek to partner with businesses to minimise this risk. Our satisfaction is your success!

Why Use Us?

Five reasons businesses choose to work with ControlPro


We have all round business expertise with 17 years’ experience. This means you are in good hands – we are optimally positioned to advise you.


We are able to identify problems which are making you lose money. Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organisation to be able to identify it. 


You can save thousands of rands by hiring consultants only when they are needed, rather than hiring full-time employees. Businesses realise they can save additional money by not having to pay benefits for consultants they hire. Even though a consultant’s fees are generally higher than an employee’s salary, in the long haul, it simply makes good economic sense to hire a consultant and save on employee benefits.


We are able to provide objectivity. Consultants can provide an objective, fresh viewpoint – without worrying about what people in the organisation might think about the results and how they were achieved.


We can be hired to improve skills of existing employees. With much experience in training, ControlPro can provide on-the-job training to better equip your staff to meet your specific business needs.


News and Events

Knowledge is Power

Training workshops and seminars are held on a variety of topics and we are always open to suggestions. We seek to provide training that is relevant, practical and easy to implement.

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Due to lockdown and social distancing restrictions, all training has been postponed until further notice

Training is available upon request via Zoom

Trainer Thirusha Govender of ControlPro (front, right), with the group of trainees.

Thirusha Govender of ControlPro knows a thing or two about internal controls in a company or organisation, which is why she recently conducted a training course on the topic at the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business. To keep a business running efficiently and effectively is a function of structure and direction, and also the role of internal controls. Apart from minimising the risk of fraud and/or error, internal controls facilitate accurate reporting, compliance with laws and regulations and helps an entity to focus on its vision and goals.

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"Thirusha is a born auditor. Her enquiring mind has been of value in managing audit assignments, a task which she carried out with enthusiasm and diligence. She was also involved in a detailed forensic audit… and produced results for which the client was extremely grateful… Thirusha’s exposure has gone way beyond the confines of auditing and includes years of experience in accounting, tax and company secretarial matters…. Thirusha has got on very well with all levels of clientele from CEO down to cashbook clerk… Her integrity is beyond reproach."

M C Hellberg CA (SA)

"Thirusha served her SAICA traineeship with our firm… She joined us having exhibited some basic bookkeeping skills and leaves us as an accomplished accountant and auditor, with a particular specialisation in internal auditing… Thirusha has gained significant experience in all aspects of auditing and accounting… She is well liked…yet she exhibits assertiveness when necessary… She is also well-liked by clients who relate well to her. She takes pride in her work and is accurate, whilst she is also punctual."

B S Ash CA (SA)

"Thirusha Govender worked under my supervision on an internal audit assignment on behalf of the Provincial Treasury KZN in the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture for the year ending 31 March 2015. She has a thorough understanding of business controls and all the necessary skills of an Internal Auditor. She h as good interpersonal skills and her working papers were always well presented. I will highly recommend her for any internal audit assignment."

Sam Reddy, Managing member Smart Solutions CC

“Thirusha has always been a thorough and knowledgeable auditor with a great attention to detail, understanding both business and financial risks. Her attitude an approach has always been best around achieving the right technical and ethical result for clients and stakeholders. Her qualification and auditing and accounting background has placed her well to be a valuable asset to a business.”

Mike Montgomery CA (SA)

“Thank you so much, ControlPro for helping KZN Language Institute to successfully apply for our staff to receive benefits from the TERS fund. At a time when there is so much confusion and anxiety, it was a blessing to have you handle the process for us, and with such patience and efficiency. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs help applying. Thank you, again.”

KZN Language Institute

"Thank you for the very informative training session. It clarifies so many important parts of my business and why I need to ensure documenting and fling of invoices are so important. Looking forward to more interesting training from ControlPro"

Rashmee Ramdeen


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